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We Don’t Know What We Want To Be For You…

We don’t know what we want to be for you.

There’s something about you, about us, about people.

It’s a mystery.

You see, they say they want one thing and then, they do everything in the power to do the opposite.

It is messy.

…being human…

We have to accept that.

We have to acknowledge that.

We have to put that right there in front of our faces.

You will not do what you say you will do.

You will go against your own interests and then make a story why you did so.

That is it.

That is the acceptance that must be had.

You are not to be trusted and you can’t help but be untrustworthy.

It’s built into your life.

See if it is true for yourself.

It’s not pleasant to acknwoledge until it is.

It never is.

Soon enough it will lose its power over you, if you keep looking.

Encounter it for yourself.

You need to see this for yourself.

It is not necessarily something you will uncover and reveal in this moment.

See it as best you can.

Let it come to be known.

Let it come to be known so to loosen its grip over you.

You are not free.

You are bound by your identity, your wants, your desires, your opinions, your likes and dislikes.

We don’t know what we want to be for you.

We can’t be anything for you.

You will have to see this for yourself, so that you can be the possibility of being it for yourself.

May Health Drive Wealth For You As You Choose For It To Be For Yourself.

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