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Five Companies Creating Beautiful Things…

Below are five companies producing stunning work that follow these core values, made by people who believe in making the world a more beautiful place.

Olson Kundig

A Seattle-based design and architecture firm, Olson Kundig creates masterpieces around the world. Most of their work consists of creating houses and cabins for art collectors and other creative types.

Normally settled in scenic areas, the shelters are built to reflect and coexist with the surrounding nature. While the exteriors of the houses are beautiful, the interior is where the magic comes together. Every detail has a purpose. | @olsonkundig

Album Surf

When Matt Parker founded Album Surf in San Clemente, CA, his goal was to create innovative, one-of-a-kind handmade surfboards that embodied every element of great design.

His company is transforming the concept of what modern surfcraft is by introducing groundbreaking shapes with stunning artwork.

Before Album, the surf industry was plagued by factory-produced boards with homogenous shapes and boring color schemes. As Parker puts it himself, “fun, speed, [and] magic,” are the main influences in his design. For how beautiful the ocean and beach are, it just makes sense to be riding a beautiful board, too. | @albumsurf

Ironwood Custom Motorcycles

The surf lifestyle also lends itself very closely to the that of motorcycle riding.

Both involve a closeness with the earth that you are rapidly exploring, whether that’s on water or land.

Arjan van den Boom, founder of Dutch company IWC Motorcycles, is creating bold yet minimalistic two-wheeled machines to redefine how you get around the world.

The amount of detail in his builds speak for themselves.

The “café racer” style he works with with describes these types of bikes that are aesthetically pleasing and minimal, perfect for zipping around the city in style to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the simpler things in life. | @arjanvandenboom

FARE Magazine

Having just released their third issue, FARE is a relatively new print magazine that specializes on culture and food.

By hyper focusing each edition on a specific city, they explore each area in depth through the subject of food. FARE uses expert storytelling, intimate photography, and beautifully designed pages to immerse readers into the city of context and inspire travel.

We had the chance to read issue #1 about Istanbul, and a trip to Turkey is definitely happening in the near future.

Check out a snapshot of the quality here. | @faremag

Aesop Skincare

The last company on this list may surprise you, but this Melbourne-based skincare company leads the industry in design.

From product design to the layout of the brick-and-mortar stores around the world, Aesop uses a sustainable design and architectural approach to mimic their high quality plant-based ingredients.

The company “believes unequivocally that well-considered design improves our lives.” | @aesopskincare

We know their are artisans out there, producing beautiful, quality products, goods that transform environments, by simply being in them. 

And we would love for you to share with us, some of your favorite companies and artisinal masterpieces. 

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